Our Story

We are excited to invite you to the world of our sound.
Behind the Modulart project, there are 4 people that are driven by an obsession of finding the perfect sound. Our vision is to expand people’s consciousness by connecting them to sounds they never heard before and to bring together different genres of the electronic music world with sophisticated sample packs. The mission is clear, we want to give every artist the right set of tools to take their production to the next level. Grab the best sample packs and dive into a world of creativity.

Sample Packs
Psytrance DJ Sounds

Our Vision

We are addicted to the world of sound and always on the look for the hidden gems around the world – To take these extraordinary sounds and sample them into frequencies to broaden the horizons of people all over the globe and open their minds to something new and interesting.

Our Mission

The main idea behind Modulart is to help both new-coming and experienced artists with the creation process of a new track. We are looking to bring fresh ideas and make your next masterpiece stand out. The thought of our sample packs helping artists around the globe and to be part of the DNA of upcoming dancefloor bangers makes us both excited and motivated to push the boundaries and create a diverse world of new sounds.

Psytrance Sample Pack